Heavy Duty Caster Wheels | Phenolic - Elastomer – Urethane

Barron’s caster wheels are quality heavy-duty wheels in a variety of materials for your industrial applications. These caster wheels have a wide capacity range and are ideal for a variety of industries.

If you have questions about our wheels, please contact us at casters@barroneq.com or set up a consultation with one of our wheel experts.


    Here is some more information about the material of the wheels:

    Polyurethane Wheels
    Our polyurethane wheels are shock-absorbing, noise-reducing, durable and resilient. Check out our blog post about reasons why we think polyurethane wheels are a great choice. Ideal for automotive, food service, material handling and aerospace industries.
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    Phenolic Wheels
    Phenolic wheels are one of the most economical decisions you can make when it comes to wheels. They are inexpensive, lightweight, resistant to oil, grease and other liquids, and have a high weight capacity. Ideal for general warehouse use, platform trucks, utility carts, and bakery carts.
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    Nylon Wheels
    Some of our nylon wheels are solid while others are glass filled to increase capacity and reduce friction when rolling. These wheels are ideal for wet and corrosive applications which require both chemical resistance and a higher load capacity.
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    Cast Iron Wheels
    Cast Iron Wheels are strong, versatile and heat-resistant. Ideal for outdoor applications or high-temperature environments.
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    Forged Steel Wheels
    Slightly different from cast iron wheels, forged steel wheels offer twice as much load bearing capacity as their cast iron counterparts. These wheels are great for high temperature settings such as auoclaves, bakeries, smokehouses and manufacturing settings such as aerospace, tire and heavy farm equipment.
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    Pneumatic Wheels
    Pneumatic caster wheels provide a cushioned ride and come in a wide range of solid and swivel caster wheels. These wheels can be used in indoor or outdoor settings and are ideal for aerospace applications, tow-lines, boat manufacturing and automotive applications because of their ability to absorb shock and handle large load capacities.
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