Floor Locks | Barron Caster Jacks & Lock Brake Accessories

Floor locks are a great alternative/supplementary product to caster brakes. These work great on level ground and come in a few different styles – mainly kickbar, foot pedal and ergonomic styles. Scroll down to view tips on selecting the correct product!


    Here are some tips on selecting the correct product:
    • Floor locks should only be used on level ground, not on an incline.
    • Floor locks should not be used as jacks, see our caster jack options if you’d like your carts to leave the ground.
    • The size of your F.L. should be equivalent to the wheel size of your caster wheel (6 in caster wheels require 6 in F.L.’s).
    • The style of F.L. is your preference, although heavy duty styles will withstand heavier loads and last longer than other styles. The ergonomic style is designed with employees’ safety in mind, as they are able to engage and disengage more easily than comparative styles.
    For more information, email us at casters@barroneq.com.