Heavy Duty Industrial Casters | Swivel - Kingpinless - Rigid

Welcome to our caster library! Here you can use our filtering options to find the perfect industrial casters for any application. We have many different sizes and styles including heavy duty industrial casters, extra heavy-duty casters, dual wheel casters and more!

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    You will see a variety of products in this category. To help narrow down some of the options, we’ve highlighted our most popular types of casters below:

    Kingpinless Swivel Casters - (60, 70 & 80 Series)
    Because of the way Kingpinless casters are designed, they are ideal for industrial manufacturing because of their longer service life and better ergonomics.
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    Pneumatic Swivel Casters - (90 Series)
    Our pneumatic casters are designed for applications that require a cushioned ride and can rotate 360°, allowing equipment to change directions while rolling. These casters are ideal for outdoor use.
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    Phenolic Casters – (Can be found in multiple series, look for part numbers that end in “PHR” or “PHB”)
    Phenolic refers to the material the wheel is made from on these casters. Our phenolic casters handle impact well and are resistant to grease and oil. Our phenolic swivel and rigid casters come standard with heavy-duty, all-metal roller bearings.
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    Stainless Steel Casters - (30, 31, 50 & 51 Series)
    Our stainless-steel casters are corrosion and heat-resistant, a perfect heavy-duty caster for applications in harsh environments. These casters are ideal in the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.
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